I’m living in a tension.  I clearly remember one of my college professors, with her wild hair, breezy dress and birkenstocks, writing in bold ink on the white board this word: Tension.  She then continued to give weight to the word.  With lines and events of history running parallel and perpendicular she passionately explained that … More Tension

The Process

“The process is the point.” – Lysa TerKeurst Whether it be novels, movies or real-life, I always want to find out what happens.  I want to get to the end and be sure it all works out okay.  I love surprises when I know the surprise will be pleasant but an unknown outcome scares me. … More The Process


We battled, the boy and I.  He seems to want to fight everything these days: bad guys, naps, the monsters under his bed.  He always has a sword in his hand and he waves it with great gusto at the oncoming foe of the moment.  But at that moment, there were no swords, just a … More Everlasting

Join Me

I wrote this in my journal the other morning: A New Day. Thank you for start overs, do-overs, fresh starts.  Thank you for crisp and clean sun rises that are tinged with gold.  They remind me of the refining. Yesterday was a doosie.  I felt upside down and out of control.  I was weighed down … More Join Me


Because, it’s in the waiting, in the great anticipation, when we walk ourselves up to the edge of doubt and just stick our toes in, that God prepares a heart room for Him. … More Gloria